Tour in the Rocchetta Mattei

Booking a tour in the Rocchetta Mattei

It is possible to tour the castle in the dates and times indicated in the calendar in the section ‘Book now’. The entrance ticket is € 10,00.

The tour is mandatorily lead by a guide that will take the small group to discover of the wonders of the castle.
Booking is mandatory because of the groups.

No pets are allowed inside the castle.

Please find the instructions to book below.

There is also the possibility to visit the Rocchetta Mattei through exclusive tours, previously booked, from Monday to Friday. For these tours, however, there are special rates and it is necessary to contact the office.
Accedi al calendario

Booking tickets page

To start, open the bookings calendar using the button at the top.

Find the date of the tour among those available

From the calendar you will be able to find the opening dates of the Rocchetta Mattei and the corresponding prices.
Scegli il giorno

Choose the date

Now, click on the date you would like to tour the Rocchetta Mattei. After a few seconds, a new page will open.

Choose the time

You will have the chance to choose the time for your tour. You will also be able to see how many spots are left for that time.
Scegli il turno
Ordina il numero di biglietti

Almost there: book the tickets

You have reached the page in which you can choose how many tickets you want to buy and if some qualify for a reduced price.

Fill in your information and pay

The last thing to do is to fill in your information and pay through the platform PagoPa with a bank transfer or credit card. You ticket will be sent to your email address. You will need to show this at the entrance of the castle, either by printing it or in digital form.

It is not possible to pay with cash or other ways. PagoPA will require your codice fiscale (Italian insurance number). If you do not have this, and therefore are unable to book your tickets, please contact us at +39 3661433941 (Monday-Friday, 8am-2pm) or send an email to . We will contact you, and provide assistance.

We advise you to arrive fifteen minutes ahead of your tour time in order to find the place and the tour guide who will lead you through this unforgettable experience.

Inserisci i dati

Book your visit at the castle

In a few simple clicks you can choose day and time of your tour and pay for your tickets